DAILY SPIRITUAL NUGGETS:  30 Days of Faith, Hope, Prayer, and Gratitude – Day 20 “A Strong Foundation Is Divine Will”

Today’s Body Connection:  If you have one choice to make one body part strong, it is most definitely the abdominals.  Your core, or the trunk of your body, is the foundation of your body; when it is strong, everything else works with ease.  Your core is divided into three sections: the front, or the rectus abdominis, which helps the torso to flex forward and to stand straight and stabilize; the erector spinae, or the muscles along the spine, which allow us to extend and straighten the back after bending over; and the obliques, which allow us to rotate from side to side. The ability to move the torso side-to-side, front to back, and any combination of the two requires a strengthening and flexibility of the core muscles.  Like your spiritual journey, your body needs a strong foundation upon which the practice is built.  When your base is weak and inflexible, your house will fall when the winds of life starts blowing.  Take the time to build your practice by creating a foundation that cannot be shaken.

Meditative Thought: “True prayer must be, Thy will be done.” — Ernest Holmes. God’s will is to bless you to the fullest capacity possible.  The challenge is when we get in the way by putting God in a box.  When we ask God for the blessing to look a certain way, it limits our possibilities.  God is infinite and his will is for you to share in infinite wealth and supply.  God’s love for us is to see you live the biggest, most amazing life ever.

Today’s Action Plan:  Today, surrender to God’s will, which is your highest good.  Write a letter to the Universe proclaiming your commitment to God’s will.

Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, my will is God’s will and God’s will is my will.  And so I let it be.  Amen

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