DAILY TRANSFORMATIONAL NUGGETS FOR THE BODY, MIND, AND SPIRIT: 31 Days of Setting Intentions – Day 25 “The Practice of Love”

Today’s Body Connection:  Yoga is the practice of Love.  We do the physical practice to know self-love and to feel the vibration of Joy that lives within our soul.  The word “yoga” means to yoke or to bring together two things that appear to be separate. Today, use the physical to yoke to the spiritual.  Set the intention to elevate your love and joy vibrations.

Today’s Meditative Thought: Love is the highest state of consciousness and it is the awareness of God in action.  Being in a state of love is releasing the human condition of lack, limitation, disappointment, fear, and worry, which block the flow of Love.  When we set the intention to practice Love, we free ourselves from the human condition.  Love is connecting with the light within you and with someone else.  The sorrow of the human condition would have us believe that love is not possible.  That is a lie of the ego.


One of the intentions I speak about in yoga is opening up the heart and allowing yourself to love again.  We must set the intention to practice Love.  If there is a religion that I subscribe to, it is the religion of Love and Kindness.  Remember, what you send out is what you get back.



Today’s Action Plan:  Today, set the intention to practice Love.  When you find yourself operating from a place of fear, shift your thinking right away.   Give yourself permission to love yourself.  Allow your heart chakra to be open and filled with love. Forgive yourself for the fear that consumed your thinking and begin again.


Today’s Affirmation:  Just for this moment…just for this breath, I am the love energy that blesses the planet.  I move from a place of love and my life is good.  And so it is.


Skip Jennings, ALSP, CPT
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