Remember what your mother always said, “why put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.”  Well, that goes double for your transformation. Procrastination is the killer of all good intentions. When you are inspired to make the shift, you must act on it ASAP! The only thing that stops you from shifting your life, is you.

When we embrace the practice, may it be mind, body or spirit, we must accompany ours goals with action. It does not have to be the whole enchilada—take baby steps.  If you need to start a physical routine, begin by walking outside for 10 to 20 minutes, just three times a week to start.  If you are in need of meditation, begin by pausing during your morning activities to listen to your breath. If you need to shift your mind and the way you think, begin by saying three positive things to yourself every day: one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the evening.  It all begins with your decision to change, followed by your willingness to make the shift. Once you have taken these steps, you must shake off the dust of broken promises and disappointments, and get moving.

When you know it’s time to transform your life don’t wait, just do it.  Every moment you hesitate, you are taken hostage from your divine opportunities. Don’t let this happen. The time is now! Today is your day.

Circle ‘day one’ on your calendar; you can’t, it does not exist.  Remember, the power to shift your life is always within you, waiting to be activated.