The blog this week is about your early inspirations, going back to the first memories. Who first inspired you to shine above all else?

In honor of my mother Rebecca Jennings’ 80th birthday, I’m reminded that she was the first person who taught me about health, fitness, and living right. She was the very first person who talked about herbs, supplements and the holistic approach. She introduced me to exercise, getting outside to play, and staying active in my every day life. Mom Jennings, as everyone calls her, told me to staying away from smoking and other vices that would jeopardize my health. She was my inspiration to spirituality and taught me about mindful thinking. I remember her telling me once that, a man is as a man does.  I live be that affirmation to this day.

You could say, My mother was my first transformational coach.

When I think about my mother, I am reminded that she has always been about health and fitness. The most important value she has passed down to me is my is consistent spiritual growth and the cultivation of my relationship with God. My mother has inspired me to work hard, creating the life I want, and to never take no for an answer.

Mama would say: “Never give up son, God has a plan for you.”


My  mothers healthy living has helped her increase the longevity of her life so today we celebrate long life, health, fitness and most of all—happiness.