The New Year has come! What I say to that, is happy new you. Welcome to the new school of thought from 2014 boo! This is the time I want all of you to think about what are the things that you would like in your life. It can be anything you want, from a new job to a new way of life, whatever your heart desires. You can have it, and you deserve it. I mean it! It all starts with you.

To kick off the New Year in 2014, I have a new book coming out that I would love to share with you all here. The book is called Total Transformation and in this book I go into great detail about my ten principles of transformation and how they can be applied to our everyday lives. I use these principles with my clients and ultimately within my own life. The book will be released sometime this spring and I wanted to share a little preview with you for the next ten weeks.

In each chapter of the book, I give growth work exercises. Feel free to write these down and begin your transformational journey with me each week and pick up the book as well for more growth work and tips. 

Check out the excerpt below:



What is the meaning of success?

            Let’s talk about success. I always say that you have to ask the big questions. Let’s make sure we are thinking big. I want you to think big and remove any limitations.

The big question is: What are your goals, desires and intentions for your life?

            Will these things change? Yes. And as we grow, our desires, goals and intentions will expand and change. This comes from any of the trio: your mind, body or spirit. The thought can be anything from finding a new job, to finding a new love.

Growth work: If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?