Monday’s Meditative Thought:

As we start our week, I would like to focus on one of the definitions of humility which is to be teachable. When we remain humble, the Universe will teach us everything we need to know. In every situation we can expand our consciousness and awaken divine knowledge that is within us.  As a spiritual counselor, it is fulfilling to help someone activate personal growth. But the truth is we all have our own guides within ourselves.   Your greatest teacher is you. When we do the spiritual work of meditation, prayer, study, fellowship, and service, we strengthen our relationship with God, which opens our teachable space.  The knowledge of the Universe is within; it just needs to be cultivated.  Any decision or question that needs an answer has a direct connection to your personal guide. It’s like having your own “Bat Phone.” Have faith in your own revelations. Trust that the Universe within you speaks words of guidance and love.  Stay open and set the intention to learn something new everyday.