Journal App
Gratitude Journal App for iPhone

Everything that is good and loving in my life is by writing in my journal every single day. I always say that journaling is honesty transferred from pen to paper. For those of you who think, I don’t have the time for something like that, I’m just too busy. Make the time.

We need to stop our lives every once in a while and thank God for everything that we have and everything that we will have. I don’t just mean material things in your life, but dig a little deeper than that. Think about love and family. Think about opportunities and all of the times you’ve been lucky.

I found this awesome new app for my iPhone that’s great for people with limited time to journal. The Gratitude Journal App allows you to write a little something each day, no matter how long, wherever you are. You can check it out here.

Do you already journal? If you do, share your methods and planning with me on Twitter @ShiftWithSkip #gratitude.

– Skip