Standing-up-tipsA great article from Smithsonian on the benefit of standing desks.  Many of us today are having to work very long days, and most of the time it’s sitting at our desks.

When we are at work sitting down, our energy levels can drop like crazy.  A good rule of thumb is getting up and moving every twenty to 30 minutes or so. Try and get up from your desk and stretch, or do a few walks back and forth to the water cooler. Make yourself aware of the lack of movement you’re doing and how you could change your sedentary habit. 

Standing desks help out amazingly and can range in pricing from cinder blocks or wood blocks, from your local hardware store or the pricey versions, but totally worth it. Trust me, you will feel so much better. 

To do you one better, they have desks that are built in with treadmills underneath them which is a nice way to get even more calories burning, but of course this is a step up worth the challenge if you’re game. 

Check out the article here.