We end our week building on the meditation of Lessons from Monday. This week we close the theme with an Affirmation and body connection revolving around lessons. Begin by finding a place, settle your mind. Let’s begin by breathing and remembering to awaken and to live to your highest potential. Embrace the lessons of life and stand strong and in spiritual authority. Amen

yes-blueToday’s Body Connection: Remember, when you exercise, what is your mindset? Do you find your workouts challenging, hard to enjoy and tedious or are they fun, enjoyable, and filled with insights? I invite you to see each training session as a time for mental and spiritual growth. Every workout is a lesson of your personal strength and power. When you finish your session, celebrate the achievement. Your completion is a testament to how amazing you truly are.   Every time you finish another mile, or the last repetition in the set, or the final crunch, that is the perfect time to let out a big, fat yes. Today, you have accomplished your intention to be better, stronger, and more of you. And that is one of the greatest lessons we can ever learn.