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Yoga Joes

I saw this one of our team’s posts and one DoYouYoga and LOVED IT. It’s from the brain child of Dan Abramson, the creator of “Brogamats,” a line of yoga gear aimed just for men, such as yoga mat bags to carry your yoga mat such as the lumberjack bag, downward facing log, burrito bag and more. Dan’s mission through Yoga Joes is to inspire veterans and people, mostly men, who like the military should to try out a little yoga. Yoga Joes are brilliant and as he says, he loves  making a violent toy peaceful.

Yoga Joes will come in green or hot pink, and $20 for a set ($10 for veterans or active-duty military). The initial figures will include such poses as; warrior two, child pose, meditation pose, headstand, cobra pose, downward facing dog, with a stretch goal of having tree pose, crow warrior one. I’ve added the Kickstarter video below and you can visit Dan’s kickstarter page here.