The Journey

skip-smile-travel-koreaI always say, “Transformation is a journey with no destination.” As we’ve reached the end of another week the real challenge of “Our Journey” is finding the joy on your voyage to a healthy lifestyle. The movement and vibration you put into your transformation will be the deciding factor on how you participate and your return. Let’s face it, change is ongoing, so why not make the most of it?

So for our Body Connection this week get on up, move, shake, dance, and groove. Infuse your workouts with an attitude of Joy and Positivity. Your body is affected by your energy. The vibration you choose will influence your results.

Today’s Affirmation: Find your quiet place and center yourself and just for this breath…just for this moment, travel the road of transformation, reminding yourself to grow and be your true authentic self. And so say. ” I am, and so I let it be”. Amen

Have a terrific weekend!

– Skip