Skip Jennings AffirmationBody Connection

Greetings from Atlanta, where I am presenting at Empower Fitness. This week we covered the action plan of affirmative prayer and with it an understanding that you are one with the source of life. When transforming our body-temple our hopes and desires carry us from point A to point B. During this process one must keep faith that transformation is possible and that your goals are achievable. By keeping hope it reinforces that little spark of light at the forefront of every session. Remember that no matter what your physical goal is; weight-loss, resistance training, yoga advancement, jogging distance, or a marathon— stay with it; you can do it!

This week’s affirmation: Take a moment and reflect that your life is the life of God and that you are one with all Divine qualities. So breathe and reflect these qualities taking a moment and let it be. Amen

Have a terrific weekend!

– Skip