© M B / Attribution-ShareAlikeThis week we build upon the freedom we gain from our Affirmative Prayer . When we speak an affirmation or affirmative prayer we choose to be an active participant with the co-creator with the Universe. When we speak with this authority we begin to be part of the fabric of the reality around us and lose the chains of bondage that makes us powerless in the events that seem outside our control. Just praying to a God outside of us, hoping that a blessing will come…is powerless. When we realize our oneness with the Universe, it empower our lives. An Affirmative Prayer is the knowing that you have everything you need and that you’re free to live your fullest life.

This week’s Action Plan: All week seek to pray to God that lives within you and aim to speak to Spirit like you would to an old friend, because it is. The Universe is part of you and has been with you since before time, and it will never leave you.

Peace and Blessings,

– Skip