What_do_You_stand_ForMalcolm X once said, “A man must stand for something or he will fall for anything.” What do you stand for? What do you identify with? Is it your job, the size of your home, or the size of your bank account? These are all “nice things” to have, but they are an illusion, a false God that we have created to give our lives meaning. The truth is that wants are many and needs few and our true identity is the One Presence, the One Mind, and the Universal Power of Love. We must put into practice prayer, meditation, fellowship, and service that cultivate the “Oneness Consciousness” within our lives. Once we know that there is no separation between God and us, we become free to identify with the light that lives within.


This Week’s Action Plan: Today, begin to identify with the God that lives within you. Every moment remind yourself that you are one with Mother, Father, God. Create an affirmation that reminds you of the “oneness consciousness.”