© M B / Attribution-ShareAlikeI absolutely love this time of the year as it marks the beginning of the celebrations of Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa. This week I want to ground ourselves as we prepare for these holidays and focus on “Celebrating The Light” as our Meditation and Action plan.

When celebrating the Light, ask yourselves what is Light? In my own experience and understanding, the Light is God, the One Power, the One Mind, and the One Presence that I call Love. The Light is everything, everywhere active, and is within us all. The qualities of the Light are always, joy, compassion, power, abundance, grace, and prosperity. The Light can only to be seen when we are willing to perceive it. It gives off such an illuminating presence that it is an undeniable, unmistakable likeness that can only be explained as a miraculous presence felt deep within the heart. This divine Light can only be experienced with an open heart.

This Week’s Action Plan: As we begin celebrating this time of the year with family and friends, open your heart and be willing to experience the Light. During your meditation focus on feeling the Light instead of thinking about what it is. Be open to having an experiential experience instead of an intellectual one.

Peace and Blessings.