© M B / Attribution-ShareAlikeNamed after Janus, the Roman god who is associated with doorways, beginnings, and transitions, January is the perfect and natural time for setting intentions; to be more, to stretch, and to grow. To start, it is important that you be willing to expand your mind, body, and spirit. This week, today, at this moment begin remembering that each day is a new day, each moment is a new moment, each breath is a new breath. Use this new day to grow and be more than you ever thought you could be.

This Week’s Action Plan: Walk through the doorway of intentions and start again. Create your own restart button and realize that you part of power eternity that God has set you on.  Take time to meditate on the newness of each breath, moment, and day.  All this week, take that step and look toward setting intentions and seek the freshness of God, and refresh your life.

Peace and blessings,

– Skip