Stephen Ewashkiw

International yoga teacher Stephen Ewashkiw is my guest on the ShiftWithSkip radio podcast. Stephen has taught almost everywhere — from Canada, Italy, Sweden to China, Russia, Indonesia and more. He strives to bring the joy of the practice to his students and his classes are a fun, challenging blend of Hatha yoga, alignment, meditation, and Tantric philosophy. Stephen believes a yoga class should involve laughing, learning, and sharing, coupled with the other benefits of yoga – a really incredible workout, getting fit, learning about yourself, being healthy.  In 2013 Stephen and his wife Jane decided to take a few months off and travel the world on their bikes and after 16 months of travel, visited 22 countries, and covering 10,000 miles all on bicycles.

Join us as we talk global yoga, the world bike trip and how those experiences shaped his yoga practice.

Stephen Ewashkiw-china

Stephen Ewashkiw

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