Huaraz, Peru

Last week we tackled setting intentions. This week let’s build upon this theme by opening our consciousness and creating a space to grow.  To begin we must be willing to release our old ideas so that we may have new experiences on our spiritual walk.  Our intentions set into motion the clearing away of old paradigms that no longer serve us.  It is the open space that gives us breathing room so that new and powerful transformative work can take place.  When we set the intention to be more, there must be a willingness to ask the question, “What must I release? What must I become?”  The intention to transform is the intention to become more. 

This week’s Action Plan: Today, set aside everything you think you know about your journey so that you are open and free to have a new and fresh experience in God.  Use the “set aside prayer”;

“May I set aside everything I think I know about ____ (fill in the blank) so that I may have a new experience.”  Be willing to release everything that no longer serves you.  Create a space for transformation.



– Skip



Photo: Huaraz, Peru, Mauricio Osorio