embracing_the_newEmbracing The Practice

This week we dive into the practice of expanding our consciousness and awareness of God.  This “practice” allows us to stay true and connected toward our higher self in God. Unfortunately, we sometimes get off track in focusing our love toward money, power, drugs, prestige, or anything outside of ourselves to make us happy.

By dwelling in the practice of prayer, meditation, sacred study & service, fellowship, affirmations, and generosity we can reconnects us with our “Higher Self.” When we are willing to take on a practice to transform our lives, the Universe will show up to support us. We are not alone on this journey to enlightenment.

Your Spiritual Assignment

For the next week commit to doing something for your soul. Read an inspirational book, meditate for five minutes, begin to pray whatever it is, today is a great day to start.

Have a blessed week,