What is Fellowship?

skip-200x200Many associate the word fellowship as a church social function between people over a meal. The Greek’s used the word koinonia, which Theologian Henry Thayer defines as -“fellowship, association, community, communion, and joint participation” (Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, p. 352). It describes the state of “association” or “joint participation.

Fellowship is a relationship that goes far beyond the church halls or the causal “How are you doing?”. It’s a deeper connection and intimacy with God that that requires time; being present, and which requires a willingness to want to know someone or something. When we make a commitment to fellowship, we are willing to put in the attention it requires.

Your Spiritual Assignment

Today, journal and ask yourself, “Are there areas where I can have fellowship?” “Is there something holding me back from fellowship?”  No pressure, take time to journal what comes up and release the fear and be willing to step into intimacy within.

Have a blessed week,