The Grace of Meditation

This week’s meditative thought is one of the Grace of Meditation. Meditation allows us to see one of God’s greatest gift we have, Grace.  I like to say that meditating is like getting a front row seat and seeing God’s Grace in action.

Unfortunately, this gets fuzzy as the time for meditating competes with the lifestyles of our modernity. The Facebook posts, the commitments we schedule,  even the lawn that needs cutting…. All of these “distractions” distance us from this Grace. Thus the importance of practicing meditation. For the more we practice and immerse in meditating the more we see the gifts of Grace. So take a moment to make it about you and meditate. The terrific thing is you don’t need a special room. Do it right there at your desk, on the treadmill, on that coffee break and yes even while you cut that lawn.

This Week’s Spiritual Assignment

All this week, after your meditation, ask the Universe to reveal itself and help you recognize the Grace that is your life. Take the time to journal your experiences.

Have a blessed week,