Are diets a mind game?

Are cheat days worth it? Now, it may not feel like a bad thing but cheat days aren’t necessarily good. When you think of cheating, it’s automatically something that’s against the rules or bad. When we’re looking to get back to a healthier lifestyle, the last thing we want to think of is that we’re cheating ourselves and our progress. Getting into a healthy routine is tough and it only takes one day of a fall back to take everything back to step one. No one wants to start all over again.

The idea is that we don’t want to think of diets at all. Diets are a mind game all on their own. You don’t ever want to feel deprived of anything and have to throw away all of your hard work. Instead of cheat days, think of slowly substituting some unhealthy things for healthier items that actually taste good. Cheat days will keep that craving taste in your mouth for the days following.

The point of weeding certain things out of your fridge is that we want to get rid of those naughty cravings. Instead of a cheat day, keep pushing through and soon you won’t miss the bad things. 

– Skip