The Practice

This week, I’ll begin by asking you what’s your spiritual practice?

Is it meditation, prayer, study, Yoga, or service? What helps you to grow? This is a rich and deep question to ponder. But a more important question should be, why do we practice? We do the work to wake up, and to stay awake. Our life comes from our spiritual practice. Everything that we do comes from this center, this purpose, this Source that I like to call God. When we choose to return to this Source during the time of the practice, our life becomes bigger than we could ever imagine. It doesn’t matter what the practice is; all roads lead to the same place.

Your Spirit Assignment

This week, find your spiritual practice. Take the time to explore the avenues and the options of spiritual work/play that will bring you closer to the realization that you and the God are one. Your choices are meditation, sacred study, prayer, service, and/or generosity. You are not limited to just one, but you must get moving; do something that will anchor your soul and return your awareness to the sacred place of your soul.