Summer is in full swing and this month we celebrate the birthday of our country, which empowered it to stand on it’s own against the major powers of the world. Personal empowerment refers to the increasing of your spiritual, political, social, educational, gender, or economic strength. Like our nation did over 239 years ago it is time to decide what empowers your existence. What is defining and empowering you? What motivates you to truly reach for the stars? Whatever gives you the feeling of power and strength, it is time to connect with it and make it yours. Fuel your every move with true power; divine power.  We must learn to connect with this source and allow it to define our existence. Empowerment comes from knowing this divine presence intimately.

This Week’s Spiritual Assignment:

All this week, set aside time to define what an empowered life looks like for you. In your journal, create a definition of empowerment and make a list of every aspect of your life that is empowering and/or needs to be empowered. Remember, all true power up-levels your existence and it comes from God. Connect with Source that lives within you; it’s the only power you need.