When we understand that our life has purpose because we are living, we begin to live a purposeful life.   From this awareness we will see our life vision. We will take part in what God has called us to do. My Friends, you are the tool the Universe has chosen to bring forth new and amazing ideas for this planet.

Only you can complete the calling. As you begin to activate and participate in your divine gifts, you will empower the world. You will inspire everyone you meet to be the best they can be.

This Week’s Spiritual Assignment:

All this week, decide how you will inspire the world to greatness. “Empowering the World.”  Set the intention to empower your community. It only takes one person to start a chain reaction. It does not have to be a big act; it can be the smallest thing, like picking up a piece of litter. But if this act is filled with big intentions, it will set the world on fire. Remember, you are the spark.