This week’s meditative thought is a challenge on the readiness of surrendering the control of your life. Are you ready to surrender? Are you ready to begin and experience the riches and treasures of the universe? As human beings, resistance is part of our DNA and to “surrender” seems counter intuitive. But growth begins when you turn your will and the care of your life over to a power greater than yourself, there is a freedom to relax, a freedom from the need to make “it” happen. God is in control of all things; we only need to step out of the way and allow him to do the God thing.

This Week’s Spiritual Assignment:

All this week, meditate to turn your life over to a power greater than yourself. Through prayer and meditation, cultivate your oneness with God. Take time in the stillness, clear your mind of external thoughts, and with every breath repeat the mantra, “I am one with God.”