If you step back and I mean really, really back, the Universe with it’s millions of stars, dust, comets, planets of every size, shape and form makes our human flaws and mishaps appear quite small, I mean, really really small. Yet, they both exist and in fact these flaws and mishaps appear much bigger in our lives. Let that sink in for a second.

It’s amazing how we can grasp the enormity of the Universe, yet still feel love, peace, order, balance, prosperity or the lack of these things. It shows me that within us that there is a bigger spirit that unifies these gifts into the larger context of the Universe.

It also confirms to me that this love, joy, peace, order, balance, prosperity, and abundance are as much God’s essence as the physical attributes that make up the Universe we live in. In fact love permeates much deeper within the Universe than the brightest galaxies or planets.

This Week’s Spiritual Assignment:

This week remember to see yourself within the context of God’s Universe. In everything you do, move with the Love of God shining as bright as a star. You are blessed, so be mindful of the this.