Skip Jennings RelaxingWe started off the week with meditating and reminding ourselves that you are a gift to this planet and you have said yes to a mission that only you can do. Remember, when you exercise the body hosts our mindfulness and acts as a shelter, haven, temple, that radiates your presence.  This radiance or aura shines a brightness that everyone can see.  Have you ever run into someone after a great workout and their response been something like, “You look amazing!” or “You’re glowing!”?  It’s more than just sweat, that’s your light of God shining through and as you, activated be your physical practice.  When you get your blood moving and elevate your heart rate, there is a natural radiance of health and fitness that cannot be denied.  

Your Action Plan: Get your eternal glow pumping by participating in your physical practice or if you are just beginning see about taking the stairs instead of the elevator or doing a 15 minute walk instead of 10.  

Peace and Blessings,