miss-100-shots-do-not-takeThis week we prepared for the holidays with a focus on “Celebrating The Light” as our Meditation and Action plan. We end the week by taking that meditation message further with our Body Connection.

Table of Contents

The Need To Move!

To really begin celebrating the light we need to move. So let’s move, shake, and take that dance, yoga, spin or  jogging class. That’s right, NO more excuses, because there will ALWAYS be a reason not to go. ALWAYS. As a trainer and fitness instructor for 20+ years I’ve heard it all and the most common excuse that people give for not working out is, “I have no time”.

Brothers and sisters, let me be straight with you….Time isn’t the problem; it’s the management of it that’s the problem. Have you heard yourself say this, “When I feel better I will start to work out.” The problem with this excuse is the fact that it is in the future, not the present. Unless of course you are suffering a 102F fever or under a doctors orders to limit exercise, then please stay home. Otherwise take a minute to circle “one day” on the calendar;


On this “One day” you commit to not jump ship. So say with me….It’s time to stop making excuses and get moving. I LOVE this quote by Wayne Gretzky, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take“. If we begin to live a better life, we begin taking those shots and sure we’ll miss some, but we also will make some too. The time to make the shots is today. Allow your inner light to shine. No more excuses.

This week’s Affirmation: Just for this moment…just for this breath…..breathe… taking in the message and exhale…..breathe again and say to yourself I am the experience of Light that is my being. God’s Presence fuels my life and I am a blessing to all I meet and today I begin making my shots.

Peace and Blessings,

– Skip