reset buttonAs we mentioned earlier in the week, January is a natural month for setting new intentions in our lives. This also includes setting intentions for the body. To set this intention you must be willing to declare what condition you are looking to achieve. This transformation does not necessarily have to do with weight, but how you view your body temple. Setting intentions and the quest in transformation begins with setting this goal. Remember this truth: an external shift is temporary but an internal transformation is lasting. This year, focus on setting these internal intentions to embrace your desires. Be open to receiving and recognizing your wholeness, divinity, and self-love.

This week’s Affirmation:  Take a moment out of your schedule and begin with 2-3 deep breathes. Breathe in deeply and then slowly release. On the last one, exhale deeply and imagine yourself pushing the restart in your mind to create a new spiritual journey.

Peace and Blessings

– Skip