Skip Jennings SportSpring Into Action

This week’s meditative thought revolves around this new season of renewal that is spring. “Spring into action” is a term I use a lot during this time to set in place practice that empowers transformation and achieve your goals. This should be the time that motivates and inspires you to move toward your goals.

To begin with, embrace a new way of thinking, living, and moving through this world. Stop thinking about a life that WAS and become the life we Desire AND Need.  I know that many of us may be bogged by indecisions and failures that haunt us and that to weigh us down like a ball & chain. I say, stop the nonsense, take today to embrace a great idea, intention, and to make it a goal to create the action. We must become what we desire. Did you know that baseball players that hits the ball 30% of the time are considered great! That means that they miss 66% of the time. So let’s begin tearing-off the shackles and begin swinging. You’ll connect.

This Week’s Spiritual Assignment:

All this week, let’s connect and act as if what you desired is done. Cultivate the attitude that all your poetical prospects are accomplished and prosperous. Take the time to write it down in journal about how it feels to have success in all your goals. Write about it as if it was completed and fulfilled.

Peace and Blessings,

 – Skip