It’s easy to think of ourselves as procrastinators so we don’t have to take responsibility for our own laziness. The fact is, the sooner you get into the mindset of being better and doing more, you will be just that–better. Getting into a pattern of productivity and success at times seems daunting, but truthfully once we get the ball rolling it’s easier than putting things off.?

First things first. Get up at least a half and hour earlier than usual. This means getting to bed half an hour earlier every night. When we give ourselves more time to get ready in the morning it means we have more time to dive into our work. 

Make a list

Making lists is a great way to actually see what you have on your plate for the day or week. We recommend getting yourself setup with a monthly or weekly calendar where you can list your to do’s. Checking things off can make you feel more accomplished and get your head in the game for future projects. Making schedules means you’re always looking ahead and thinking ahead. 


This helps get your brain pumping in some endorphins to pick up your mood; plus the oxygen being sent through the heart and brain, will help you loosen up and make you feel more energized instead of the all day fatigue.

Try out some of these tips and let us know how it works for you.