It feels odd to say that I am grateful for the national + international protests for racial harmony and equity that have occurred since Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd were murdered.

Protests happening in neighborhoods outside of black communities.
The Portland protests are beyond anything I’ve ever imagined.
Yet, my biggest fear is that we’re starting to forget.

It’s crucial that after the shock and outrage fades that we continue to stay awake, aware and elevated.
To ensure that change happens.

I feel compelled to keep the dialogue going.

So, I have participated in + facilitated several community healings since George Floyd’s murder.  White, black and non black folks have gathered in circles where they can speak freely about their feelings since these murders happened.  On top of murders of many black people that weren’t caught on video like Ahmaud’s, Breonna’s and George’s were.  Cos if you don’t name it, you can’t heal it.
And, unexpressed grief can cause health issues.

So much is coming to light that needs to be healed + transformed.
Wednesday, July 29, 11 am pdt!
SPECIAL 2 Black Authors Web Talk Show
Rev. Skip, Monk Eternal + Wendy Silvers, founder,
Million Mamas Movement
We’ll be having real talk about Health Freedom + Racism!

My friend and ministerial sister, Wendy Silvers, founder, Million Mamas Movement,
has been an ardent stand for the health, well-being and freedom of the Mamas and children.

And, she has some revelations that I want you to hear!

So, I have invited Wendy to join Monk Eternal and me, Rev Skip,
on a SPECIAL 2 Black Authors Web Talk Show, Wednesday, July 29, 11 am pdt
You will want to be with us!

See you LIVE on 2 Black Authors Web Talk Show, Wednesday, July 29, 11 am pdt!!

Peace + Many Blessings,
Rev Skip
Minister, Author, Speaker, Coach
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