One of my greatest joys is helping people discover who they are . . .
. . . and fall in love with what they find.
Another is supporting people in expressing their greatness.
That’s why I created C.A.R.E.S. Yoga and Meditation (our inaugural class on Monday — wooweee! – it was so sweet!)
It’s vital that you find ways to thrive on all levels during this time.
And, that’s why Monk Eternal and me, Rev Skip, host the weekly,
2 Black Authors Web Talk Show.
Not only are we two fabulous black men who are authors, speakers, coaches and wellness experts . . . 
. . . but it gives us great joy to highlight others doing great things in the world.
Thank you for all of your great feedback!
You are going to love our show this week, too!!

Join Monk Eternal and me, Rev Skip, tomorrow, Wednesday, September 9, 11 am pdt on 2 Black Authors Web Talk Show, presented by That Guy’s House. Our guest will be Dr. Shaka Hatcher.
We are going to dive deep into attaining wellness at this time in history as well as Shaka’s forthcoming event, Men of Color Elevation Collective.
Shaka has 14 years of experience as a practicing chiropractor in Australia. His educational experiences are gathered from traditional and non-traditional experiences, which we can’t wait to talk about.
Please stay on until the end of 2 Black Authors Web Talk Show.
I have a special gift for you. 
This Friday, September 11, 6:00 am pdt, please join me on Insight Timer. 
I will be leading a tailor-made meditation created exactly for this time in history, “Just Breathe.”
Until then, stay well.
Peace + Many Blessings,
Minister, Author, Speaker, Coach
Mind Body Spirit Solution L L C
PS: I am here for you!