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Good health involves Body Mind Spirit Solutions.
So, first, let’s talk about how healthy snacking can keep your body + mind going strong!
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Not just now.
And, especially now.
I want to empower you to take responsibility for your health. 
Are you always on the go, even while sheltering in place? 
I know I am.
If you’re busy like me, here’s a health tip for you: (I have many)
Having snacks with you that you can eat when you’re hungry is as important as making sure that you have your ID + wallet with you at all times.
The purpose of eating a snack is to tide you over until your next meal . . .
and . . .
. . . to give you a boost of energy to help you carry on with your day.
To put some tiger in your tank, as they say. (old school, ya’ll)
Do you work in a fast-paced, high-pressure environment?
Then, I recommend that you prepare fruits + vegetables with a lot of crunch, high in fiber and low in carbohydrates.
Here are some suggestions:
  • raspberries, pear, apple, blueberries
  • raw broccoli/cauliflower florets
  • cucumber slices
  • celery and carrot sticks
  • roasted chickpeas.
Want to keep your sweet tooth in check? Try these options:
  • frozen grapes
  • bananas
  • mango
  • pineapple
  • cashews
  • almonds
  • dark chocolate with 70% cacao.
Snacking can be fun for sure. But you don’t want to fill yourself with empty calories that have no nutritive value.

What you eat truly matters!

Please let me know what you find works best for you

Okay, so we’ve covered the Body + Mind . . .
Now, let’s address the Spirit!
Join me Sat, October 3,  8:00am – 9:00am PDT
This month’s Church Y’all Soul Service, presented by Practical Mystics Playground,  invites you to contemplate the topic:
Who Am I?
Who Am I In The Time Of A Pandemic?
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