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The Christ Journey
While it is true that the Power of God is always within us, it is not true that we have always realized Its presence.
Ernest Holmes

During my September graduation ceremony from the Michael B. Beckwith School of Ministry, Rev. Deborah Johnson gave my classmates and me this charge . . .

You are no longer on a Hero’s journey; you are entering the Christ Journey. Be in a state of perpetual forgiveness.” Fast-forward to November and the 2020 Presidential election!  With the appearance of separation in the form of an election laced with racism, I have been challenged to meet the responsibility Rev. D gave us. Embarking on the Christ Journey, we become aware; God lives within all of us, no matter what the political party is.

Light expresses itself in our hearts, it surpasses any election results. When we are willing to see the Divine within everyone, the Christ Consciousness comes alive, and we can experience Oneness.

As we continue to learn the lessons of racial harmony, let’s fully embrace the statement of truth, “We are a unique expression of the One, uniquely expressing the One.” We are a living rainbow, a spectrum of colors.  If you separate each one color from the whole, you only experience a limited idea.  But when you see the full range, you can see the light of the sun shining through the clouds.

In The Science of Mind, Ernest Holmes writes, “While it is true that the Power of God is always within us, it is not true that we have always realized Its presence.” The Light is everywhere if we set the intention to see it.  When it is challenging to see God expressing Itself as we are used to, we must declare the truth no matter what our lying eyes may tell us. Divine recognition reminds us of Samadhi (Oneness) on Mother’s Day, Earth Day, Election Day, New Years Day and every day.

Affirmation: I am the Light, you are the Light, we are the Light together. And so we are.  Amen!

Rev. Skip Jennings

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My next guest on High Conscious Conversations is Tully, coming direct to you from down under.
Here’s a little bit about Tully:
Tully is an educator, entertainer, and entrepreneur.
He feels his purpose is to show people that cooking vegan food is fun, easy, and, delicious.
So, he creates easy to follow recipes and videos on his Instagram channel, @tullyzkitchen and blog. Tully started his journey as a vegan 4 years ago and feels he is doing his bit for the animals thorough his food choices.
Tully wants to show people that eating vegan only means changing perceptions not flavors.
Not only that, he infuses all he does with an irreverent sense of humor.
Get to know Tully better on the next High Conscious Conversations, Wednesday, December 16, 11 am pst.

Please join me, Friday, December 18, 7 am PST on Insight Timer.

I will be leading a live guided meditation on Service and Kindness

The most effective way to transform fear into hope is to help others.

Service and kindness cultivates a vibration of oneness and activates the power of unity.

Join me, Rev Skip, in this guided practice for finding purpose and overcoming any sense of separation.

One Power, One People and One Love!

See you Wednesday, 11 am PST for High Conscious Conversations
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