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The Art of Flexibility and Stretching…
It’s important that everyone remembers to stretch and work on their muscles before and after a workout, no matter the intensity. Stretching helps get your muscles the shape that they wish to take and helps them recuperate after a long day. Your body feels so much better after a good stretch.

It’s important that when stretching your body, you stretch each portion of your body anywhere between 10-30 seconds. Any longer and you may hurt yourself, any shorter and you’re not allowing your body to fully stretch.

Pay attention to what your body is saying. Whenever you stretch, workout or do anything that requires movement you need to pay attention to how it feels. Making sure your body is in good working order is important and can make a difference when it comes to injuries and preventing them. Be mindful of the stretch, as Skip always says, and make sure that you’re breathing with your body and paying attention.