Did you enjoy Christmas? Different this year, wasn’t it?
Today is day 4 of the 7 day festival of Kwanzaa, which celebrates African and African-American culture.
Each day represents a principle; today’s is ujamaa, which represents cooperative economics.
How interesting is that for these times + stimulus checks being issued!
So, we are 3 days away from saying Buhbye to 2020.
I am counting my blessings and letting go of that which no longer serves me! 
How bout you?
Anything you’d like release and let go of with the closing of 2020?
I’ve got a special Master Class planned.
Join me for a guided meditation + intention setting Master Class to set the vibrational tone for a happy, healthy, wealthy and prosperous New Year!
Activate your connection with the Divine + begin 2021 infused with inspiration, focus and direction.
I know firsthand that finding your center during troubling times is a spiritual practice!
So I created, Spirituality During Troubling Times, a 10-day cutting-edge course to help you stay grounded + centered!
‘Cos I have a strong sense that 2021 will bring new opportunities to implement spiritual practices.
And, you will want to have your spiritual toolkit easily accessible!
These are unprecedented times, in which we are dealing with a pandemic, racial injustice, environmental concerns and more!
These challenges carry a low-frequency vibration, which has compelled many in the global community to search for meaning, solace + high vibrational experiences. Digitally, that is.
In this 10-day course, Spirituality During Challenging Times, you will learn different spiritual technologies + how to apply them in your daily life.
You will receive practices that elevate your conscious awareness and give you hope.
Now is the time to take personal responsibility for your spiritual evolution!
Embodying your sovereign nature is the spark for global change!
My book, The Little Book for Big Transformations: 31 Days of Inner Visions and Spiritual Practices is a great accompaniment to the 10-day course,  Spirituality During Troubled Times course is.
In this book, you will find 31-day daily devotions, teachings + affirmations that will help you develop a more positive and loving mindset.
The Little Book for Big Transformation (2nd edition) will be available January 21st on Amazon, Ibooks  + Audible
It is crucial to keep your consciousness high!
And, I can help you do this through my private coaching, classes and, my webcast, High Conscious Conversations. 
Please join me this Wednesday, January 30 where my guest will be Kimberly Spreen-Glick.

Kimberly has served as a teacher, trainer, coach, program developer and director, working with countless great programs, companies and people in the health, fitness and wellness industry for decades.

Kimberly was the senior director of group fitness + yoga at Life Time for over 10 years and received the 2015 IDEA Program Director of the Year Award.

After spending over a decade immersing herself in the studies of positive psychology, spirituality, brain science and various wisdom traditions, Kimberly took a risk. She gave up the security of the corporate world in 2017 to begin The Inspired Life, an online platform focused on educating people on all aspects of well-being.
You will learn much from her!
You are a powerful, sovereign being! Here on purpose, with purpose!
The future is calling you to activate your innovative visionary self now!
You are being called to be a stand for what is possible.
Will you answer the call?
Join me on the Birthing A New World, docuseries, January 1 to 3, 2021, hosted by my friend and colleague, Wendy Silvers.
We will usher in the series on January 1 at 1pm PST with an auspicious, sacred ceremony led by Hereditary Chief Phil Lane, Jr.
After we are activated by this powerful blessing, three days of cutting edge insightful dialogues with electrifying and inspiring visionaries, revealing how we will create a healthier, compassionate and sustainable world for ourselves, the children and future generations will follow.
I will dialogue with Wendy and other spiritual leaders, Lola Wright, Rev. Kev Ross, Akuyoe Graham, on the topic of Spiritual Activism.
Join me and let’s create a more beautiful world!


Minister, Author, Speaker, Coach
Mind Body Spirit Solution L L C

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