Affirmation FridayFor today’s affirmation you’ll meditate and affirm that you are the master of your destiny and filled with infinite possibilities. Find a spot and take a second and let yourself breathe. And so you are, and so let it be. Amen

Today’s Body Connection: As the season continues to cool we must begin to see that our own transformation begins with awareness. It could be the first moment of the crisp Fall morning when we put on our shirt and notice that it doesn’t fit or those pair of jeans are just a smidgen too tight and we tell ourselves that the “dryer monster” purposely shrunk our clothes. The honest truth is that we know better. It’s time to get moving and stop making excuses. It’s time to “put downs and push a ways.” Put down the smartphone and push away from the table. Today is your day to transform your life and it begins with a walk, a jog, hitting the mat, to move and the start of a new the awakening.

Peace and Blessings,

– Skip