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Skip talks exercise, alternative medicine, how to avoid colds during the height of season and more with Kathleen Bywater of Revive Juicery and Emill Kim acupuncturist on the latest episode of The Shift With Skip Radio.

revivefox-300x168Discover easy ways on how to avoid feeling fatigued, unwell or unmotivated as Emill and Kathleen share their excellent tips into loving your body naturally, fueling it with foods for the soul, and adding exercise can dramatically change your quality of life.

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Kathleen Bywater: Founder and Owner of Revive Juicery who’s 100% Locally Grown Organic Produce are made  Unpasteurized into Cold Pressed Juice and Smoothies. Revive Juicery drinks are available throughout Southern California.

Emil Kim: Is a second generation acupuncturist living in Los Angeles, he spends most of his time practicing yoga, studying the intricacies of energetic medicine, and finding ways to live a long, healthy, more efficient life.

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