Skip dives deep into an unconventional approach to therapy with leading clinical psychologist, Dr. Denee Jordan.  We’ll discuss the founding of her; “Already Well” program and how it it answers society’s pull on dictating how we should feel or what we should become. Don’t miss it.  Listen On-Demand

Dr. Denee Jordan takes pride in her idea that we begin where we are when it comes to therapy and life in general. She believes that we all are already well and shouldn’t let society dictate how we should feel or what we should become.

In addition, we’ll look into  Dr. Jordan upcoming performance later this month at the Lounge Theatre in Santa Monica California that focuses her “Already Well” program, Already Well, called ‘I Am Already Well’. Visit her  website at and to see her show please visit Brown Paper Tickets to get yours today.

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Dr. Denee Jordan has been a practicing psychotherapist for 25+ years. She is both a CA. Licensed Psychologist and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She has an extraordinarily broad and varied background as a Mental Health practitioner, lecturer and trainer as well as former professional dancer.

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