The Shift With Skip Radio

Come join Skip Jennings on this inspiring experience of prayer and belief with Sheila Gale. Sheila Gale’s daughter was waging a battle against a prolonged mystery illness-wasting away in the hospital attached to tubes and wires. Miserable to see her daughter endure such suffering, the longtime host of the hugely popular The Sheila Show, reached out to her listener base for a desperate favor in the form of prayers.

Inundated with her prayer responses, she read them to Natasha–all 450 of them–and within 48 hours, her daughter was healed and on her way home!

It was this remarkable experience that inspired, a website to unite people who need prayers with those who are so willing to offer them.

Sheila realized that there are many people in need from all parts of the world and from all different religious and theological backgrounds.  They require a helping prayer from time-to-time. Prayer is the great unifier as all of the spiritual pathways believe in the power of prayer. will offer an extraordinary worldwide network for prayer requests to be answered by concerned spiritual seekers and healers from around the globe!

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