Download Directions of the Devine

Skip Jennings AffirmationI hope that you all have been meditating on our theme this week. “Download Directions of the Divine I posted Monday. LOL No worries, it’s here to ponder. We’ll continue the theme moving it into the weekend with our Body Connection.

There have been times during a run when I have received great insight about my life. In fact, many of my Aha moments have been “downloaded” during a workout. I’m a strong believer that the activity of movement creates a clearer mind for thoughts to be received and processed. I encourage everyone to get up and move, take a walk, run, to sweat a little. The physical practice can be a conduit for new ideas to flow and for contemplation to take place. During your strength-training session, yoga, run, cycle any workout time, ask a question that you have been pondering for a while. Or you can simply ask, “What insights about me do I need to learn today?” Trust that all things are connected and can lead to a deeper awareness of self if we are open and willing.

Friday’s Affirmation: Take a moment from the bustle of the week and the start of the weekend to affirm. Ready? Just for this moment… just for this breath, I download my divine direction for transformation and I live my life’s purpose. Amen

Peace and Blessings,

– Skip