On the road or live too far away from my home gym in Pasadena?  No worries, I got together with the online team of  SpiroFit (www.spirofit.com) and created three fantastic programs to allow my friends and followers endless opportunities to workout with me regularly, with a ton of different Free for 30-days.  Then if you like it only $4.95 per month (unlimited viewing!)

Strengthen Your Mind, Body, and Spirit With My Fitness Systems

I’ve developed three AMAZING systems below that can be done anytime at your place from anywhere. All challenge your muscles in different ways to keep your body fresh and energized. Each system is designed to help you slim your waist line and gain core strength in less time.

Cardio Zen (Intermediate and advance)

Cardio Zen is an interval class incorporating H.I.I.T. (High Intensity Interval Training) and Yoga. Your balance will be challenged experiencing a complete holistic experience.

Yoga with Skip (All levels)

For alignment, balance, strength, power, flexibility, detoxifying organs, calming the mind and connecting to the inner self.

Meditations (All levels)

Discover who you truly are! Recognizing the true inner spirit is very difficult. It is because of self limitations that restrictions are felt at all: limited beliefs, view points, and goals all contribute to the constraints felt on a daily basis.

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