Mindful eating is the enjoyment and awareness of the emotional and physical sensations we feel while eating. Paying close attention to the food that we eat, how we eat and how our body reacts to the food that we eat can lead to better health. We live in a society where breakfast, lunch or dinner served in a brown paper bag or Styrofoam and consumed while in motion is generally acceptable. This behavior of mindless eating and lack of awareness of the food we are consuming can have a significant impact on our overall health and well being.

To counteract mindless eating, we need to learn some simple eating practices. Create a grocery list of foods that are pleasing to eat and with nutritious value. Focus your attention on the food in front of you. Engage your sense of sight, smell, touch and taste. Remove all distractions (cell phones, TV, books, magazines) that will take you away from the eating experience. Take small bites and chew well so you can taste all the flavors and spices blended in the food. According to growing studies, practicing mindfulness in a busy world can be challenging at times but learning to trust your intuition and listening to your body is an excellent way to foster mental clarity and overall well-being.