Human beings find nature essentially interesting.  Our affinity toward nature is genetic and deep rotted.  When we look at the beauty in nature such as the expanse of the sea, the prominence of a mountain, the pigments in fruits and flower, we are dazzled by overwhelming feelings of wonder, amazement and awe.  A walk in the woods or a stroll by the beach on a chilly early morning while the ocean breathes, the whispering waves can awaken our innermost thoughts and feelings of happiness and peace.  Just by being outdoors and using all senses to appreciate nature and absorb the pleasant sensations surrounding us can help us feel more lively and be in a state of calm relaxation.

Nature walks are uplifting and energizing.  It is also calming and sedating   It helps reduce the diastolic blood pressure, heart rate and lowers the stress hormone cortisol.  Being in nature is a place to reflect, discern, plan and exhale from the stress of life. Studies have shown that people living close or spending time in natural green spaces have better mental health, physical and spiritual well-being.