Tai Chi (Tai ji quan) is an ancient Chinese form of martial art that is now widely used for health benefits and wellness.  The concept of tai ji refers to the yin and yang – two halves that together complete wholeness.  It is a series of low impact, gentle slow motions, taking small steps, focusing your attention as in some kind of a meditation, while you breathe deeply and naturally.

Chi Gong (Qi Gong) is an ancient Chinese form of mediation/exercise.  The concept of Qi means air or breath as in life giving force, or vital energy.  Gong means work or disciplined manner.

The benefits of mind-body practices and exercises are becoming more evident from scientific researches.  Mindfulness mediation have been found to reduce stress, anxiety and depression, treat eating disorders, contribute to cell longevity, reduce inflammation-related genes, improve mood and sleep quality.