The question my clients ask me now is, “what’s next?
Even though there is a new administration, there is still much work to be done.
And coupled with relief and expectation, a low level anxiety frequency is wafting through the air waves.
There is a deluge of information daily.
Does the constant negative news have you feeling on edge?
Well, I’ve got some good news for you!
Here are 3 simple ways you can thrive this week:
1. Keep your conversations high frequency

>> Surround yourself with people who are authentic and focused on solution rather than problem.

>> Feed your mind organic, nutrient rich, high vibe thoughts and information.

How, you might ask?

Join me this Wednesday, February 3, 11 am pst on my High Conscious Conversations Webcast.
I will be in a divine dialogue with some of my visionary ministerial brother and sister graduates from the Michael B. Beckwith School of Ministry. (there are more of us)
We are a powerful posse of praying, be-ing + doing folks!
And next, . . . 
2. Move Your Body
>> Yogic wisdom is that you must laugh and sweat daily to achieve optimal wellness.
>> It is scientifically proven that moving your body alleviates depression and rumination.
3. Sound heals
>> Dis-ease can manifest within our body temple, creating physical and mental trauma.
>> Mainstream is catching up to what mystics knew from the beginning of time — sound heals.
>> A Sound Bath bypasses the monkey mind and activates your body’s natural healing energies  
Join me, Rev Skip, for Meditation, Prayer, and Sound Bath for healing and clearing the Chakra System on
Friday, February 5, 7 am PST 
Step away from the TV + socials feed for just for an hour on WednesdayThursday and Friday and return to the activities of you life renewed, restored, refreshed, revitalized.


Minister, Author, Speaker, Coach
Mind Body Spirit Solution L L C

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