Join Skip Jennings on the #ShiftwithSkip Radio Podcast with his guest Patricia Moreno of Sati Life, as they discuss the power of words, mantras and affirmations. Ms. Moreno is the creator and author of The IntenSati Method: The Seven Secret Principles to Thinner Peace.

Patricia Moreno has been training, mentoring and educating people all over the world for over 30 years and created The intenSati Method, a life transforming workout which combines her expertise in fitness, dance, martial arts, yoga, nutrition, meditation and spiritual practices.

She has gone on to create several other workouts, courses, and workshops including  soulyogaSati, warriorSati,danceSati, danceSati and the Sati Life Institute and believes that through conscious, intentional living, a commitment to excellence and the power of love, every person is able to live a life filled with peace, happiness and joy.

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