Skip has launched a new app where spirituality and fitness meet toward a balance of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of good health, loaded with inspiring content for the mind, body and spirit.

Many of us are affected by how we handle the stress that life brings us.  As we journey through life, it is essential to find our balance.  Our mind can control most of our natural healing capabilities.  For the Mind, I have videos of inspirational talks, such as “The Gratitude Practice”, “The Power of Three, and “How Do We Get Back to Love”, designed to guide you into  feeling more connected to all living things and learn the power of our deep mind.

Keeping our Body healthy includes eating foods that are nutritious, exercising to keep our body strong and understanding the importance of the natural wonders of fresh air, sunlight and clean water.  The app features several videos and  tips on fitness, including “Yoga, Cardio Zen Elevation, Workout, Fitness for Love and Gratitude, which are complimentary recipes for holistic healing to experience wellness on a deeper level.

Our spiritual health is another important part of our overall-wellness.  It connects us to a greater being and helps shed light on life and purpose.   I have put together videos on “Guided Meditation and several podcasts on “The Journey to Spiritual Greatness”, “Self Love, Part I: Learning to Love Ourselves Fully”, “Messages from the Divine,” and “Global Healing During Covid 19″.

When our body, mind, and spirit are aligned, we can achieve optimal wellness through each element.

Sign up for “The Spiritual Life” app today at and watch the content at anytime and anywhere on your phone, TV, laptop, tablet or desktop.